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1. Getting started

Welcome to the buildup docs.

This guide is geared to helping people new to buildup get up and running as quickly as possible with the least amount of time.

Core Concepts

If you’re completely new to buildup and mobile app development, it can be helpful to get a high-level understanding of the core philosophy, concepts, and tools behind Buildup. The information below can help you familiarize yourself with what Buildup is and how it works.

What is a screen?

A screen is the main piece of a buildup app. There are several kind of screens, each one with a different utility:

Screen Type Goal
Menu To define a navigation menu to navigate between screens. Menus are compound by menu options.
List To show lists of data. Lists screens are compound by three views: List, Detail and Form.
Custom Basic screen to show just one piece of information.
Map To include a map in your app.
Chart To include a chart in your app. You can choose between pie, bar and line charts.
Videocall Peer to peer or conference call (Intel CS for WebRTC)

What is a datasource?

A datasource is the way to add data to your app. The different data origins you can use.

DS Type Source
Buildup Cloud Data are stored in Buildup Cloud website.
Local Data are stored in the phone.
Cloudant Data are stored in a Cloudant database.
Sap Hana Data are stored in a SAP HANA database.
Excel Online Data are stored in an excel online data sheet.
Google Spreadsheets Data are stored in a Google spreadsheet online data sheet.
Google Drive Connect with your Google Drive account and provide access to your files and directories.

What is a layout?

The layout determines the way your data are displayed in the screen. There are diffent layouts for the different screen types.

What is a placeholder?

A placeholder is a space reserved to show information. A screen is a compound of placeholders showing data distributed in a layout.

What is a form?

A form is a special kind of screen. A form is always related with a list and it is the way to add, edit or remove data through your app.
Forms are only available for lists linked to Buildup Cloud or Cloudant datasources.

How do I navigate between screens?

There are two main ways of navigate between screes.

  • Use one of the available navigation patterns: Main Screen, Drawer menu and Tabs
  • Set up the “navigate to” option of the “Tap on event” parameter of screens or placeholders. Watch our video