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New IBM Partnership

Febrary 1, 2017

In the year 2016 Buildup has been part of the tools used by IBM for the development of native mobile Apps. Buildup.io is integrated in the IBM Bluemix ecosystem of App development tools: MobileFirst, Mobile Analytics, Cloudant, Push Notifications, etc.

We want to announce that our partnership with IBM goes to the next level and IBM Mobile UI Builder in the form of Buildup.io will be an independent service integrated in the IBM Bluemix Marketplace. We will continue to develop new features specially designed for native mobile Apps developers and we'll share our roadmap very soon.

To all users coming from IBM UI Builder we want to say welcome to this ever-growing developer community. For any question or issues on the migration process of your projects please contact support@buildup.io

Thank you to all the IBM Mobile team for making this possible.


Buildup Team