How to create a videoconference app

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This document contains detailed information about how to create a videoconference app using and Intel® CS for WebRTC. You will learn how to enter your server settings and create an app to communicate with a P2P Web Client or a Multiconference Server.


Web RTC Server Settings

Before you start, you need a properly configured Intel CS WebRTC Server. Once you have it ready follow these steps in

  1. Go to WebRTC section in the left menu.
  1. Click on Manage button to open server settings dialog.
  1. Enter the Provider API URL, the Service ID and the Service Key of your WebRTC server.
  1. CLick Accept.

  2. The rooms available in your server will appear, and you will be able to create new web users or agents to receive calls from devices.

Videocall Screen

Now that you have the server part ready, you have to create a new Videocall screen in your app.

  1. Go to Go to Design section in the left menu.
  1. Click + Screen button to add a new screen and choose Videocall screen type.
  1. Select Videocall placeholder and choose between Call a web user and Join a conferece room. To receive calls from this app, you will need to launch a P2P web client or a Multiconference room from WebRTC section, depending on your choice at this stage.

Generate app

Now that your app is ready click on Get my app and choose your target platform/s.

Launch Web Client

To start a videoconference call just launch the P2P Web Client / Multiconference room from WebRTC section, and tap Call button in your app.